Energy to SHARE the Moments of Life

Pure Gold believes an energy drink is not just for those who workout or extreme sports, but is for people with an “active lifestyle.”

People who need a bit of energy to share the moments that count with family and friends, work, and play.

Life moments where people want to participate and share their moments:

juggling family responsibilities; energy to sport and play; passion for hobbies; the push to finish a long day at work; the joy of an evening out with friends

Targeting those who need a boost in everyday life with a smooth quality taste without the stigma of traditional energy drink tastes and guilty feelings of poor  ingredients


PURITY of Taste

Pure Gold brings an easy-to-drink smooth, lightly fruit taste.

No artificial candy flavors or tart sweetness. No harsh chemical aftertaste.

Pure Gold is a friendly mixer that enhances the tastes of other drinks such as premium alcohol, juices, and ice cream


The PASSION of Quality of Ingredients

Pure Gold’s taste and energy is crafted with care and the passion of only using best-in-class quality ingredients.

Hand selected flavorings, filtered purified water, and specially formulated can lining packaging combine to create a luxury product for everyday.

Pure Gold shares the passion of respecting what you put in your body to share the energy of life.



“Before we seek out new planets, we make it a point to protect the one we live on.”


Sustainability therefore is one of our top priorities. Sustainability clearly isn’t a one person job. So with the help of our dedicated employees, dynamic partners, and several multi-stakeholder partnerships, we are continuisly in pursuit of the best ingrediënt, products, logistics and recycling processes for all PURE GOLD activities.