In the world we live in, there are many contradictions and a lot of shouting! Stress and a bad and low energy experience are the result of this. PURE GOLD leaves all that behind.

PURE GOLD is mature and provides focus and overview in addition to the tasteful energy.



The alchemists at our taste lab developed PURE GOLD from the abundance of natures’ finest ingredients. Liquified gold full of energy: sheer alchemy to share with the world!

Share the wealth! 

We don’t mind showing off the wealth that PURE GOLD has to offer as long as we share it with the world. And we want our partners and customers to propagate that vision in word and deed, so PURE GOLD is accessible to everyone. Like a ray of sunlight on a golden surface.

Share the Energy!

Doing something for someone else and doing something with someone else gives energy. Giving something to another and sharing with another makes you feel good. We want to be the inspirers who together make up the PURE GOLD community. This way the positive energy can flow on all fronts!



“Before we seek out new planets, we make it a point to protect the one we live on.”   


Sustainability therefore is one of our top priorities. Sustainability clearly isn’t a one person job. So with the help of our dedicated employees, dynamic partners, and several multi-stakeholder partnerships, we are continuisly in pursuit of the best ingrediënt, products, logistics and recycling processes for all PURE GOLD activities.